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Run, run, run and hide. Somewhere no one else can find. #KingdomCome #ColdWars #black #train #lost | SXH Photography
Verily, With Every Hardship Comes Ease. #PrayForPalestine #PrayForPeace #LetThereBePeace #Dua
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#ArabicAlphabets Marhaba# | كيف حالك حبيبي
Muslim Humor
  • Lol, could you guys imagine if brothers proposed to us like nonbelievers do their women. they'd hire like a string quartet and have roses and sparkling grape juice instead of champagne and chocolates and all that cliché crap and get down on one knee and be like,
  • brother: will you nikkah me?
  • and we'd be like hold that thought bro *pulls out long list of questions*
  • sister: you got a job, homes?
  • sister: how ru gonna ask me that and my daddy ain't even here.
  • sister: how often do you pray don't lie
  • sister: do I hafta cook for you
  • sister: ru gonna want me to wear niqab
  • sister: how many kids do you want
  • sister: ru gonna take another wife cause I ain't sharing my man
  • sister: what's my maher gonna be?
  • sister: I want a condominium in Dubai furnished in 24K gold as my maher.
  • sister: did you ask my daddy?
  • sister: brb gotta pray istikara
  • LOL, lucky for you brothers that Islam saves you from all that mess cause hijabis don't play
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My life is complete. I can finally delete this app. No time to get 8192 #2048 #4096 #TookMeAWholeWeek  (at Windmuller Park)




How do u tell brown parents that u want to move out ?????

"I wanna get married"


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Anonymous said:
What terrorist country are you from? 


The United States of America

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I’ve got to say, I think Muslims are the only people who would get excited for a month that requires us to refrain from food. 

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