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The name is A. Rahman. I hope to become a mathematician just like my ancestor, Isaac Newton. My life is a mess, I have a troubled and complicated soul. People come and go away from me. This blog tells my whole story from start to finish... Do judge me, I dare you.And thank you to those that came to my page and followed/reblogged/liked my post, you are all beautiful. Follow me and I shall follow you back because it's a common courtesy & you're beautiful (go thank your Mum)
Sorry #Airbus …ily2. #Boeing #button #plane #787 #forreal #gifts

Sorry #Airbus …ily2. #Boeing #button #plane #787 #forreal #gifts

Saturday, July 13th, 2013

» tagged: #airbus   #787   #boeing   #button   #forreal   #gifts   #plane  
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    You can get that button from The Boeing Store for 75 cents (US) each. I have one on my messenger bag. (Though the sad...
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    As long as it’s a plane I’m in
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    I WANTT!!
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